Professor of Math and Computer Science at NCCC since 1985

35 years of full time teaching experience in college level math, computer science and engineering science.

Courses taught:

Math: remedial arithmetic through calculus III, differential equations, linear algebra, statistics, math for physics I& II, contemporary math, business math, introduction to scientific data, and a miscellany of seminars bridging applied math to various areas of engineering and science.

Computer Science: Programming logic I-II, data structures. Experience with BASIC, Fortran, COBOL, Pascal, Modula II, Assembly, C, C++, LISP, Prolog, Ada and probably a couple more languages I forgot about.

Engineering Science: Introduction to engineering and data, calculus based statics, calculus based dynamics.

Mentored hundreds of students from middle school through graduate school in various STEM fields.

In Lutheran Schools, he taught 9th grade algebra to 8th graders, gratis, from 1996-2012 (spring of 1996-1998, St. Peter NR, 1998-2012, St. John), spanning four NYS math curricula.  He taught roughly half the 8th grade class, which was 4-5 students per year, and roughly half his students have become engineers, while others are in other STEM fields.


He always taught much more algebra than NY recommended, and was able to do so because of the good elementary staff that stressed fundamentals. His approach was 30 weeks of algebra, and then 10 weeks of algebra review while we worked all the other material in at the end.  The worse the NYS math curriculum became, the more his students prospered.

At the end, he had valedictorians at Niagara Wheatfield in 2010, 2012 and 2014; a valedictorian at Sacred Heart in Buffalo in 2015; and a salutatorian at Niagara Catholic in 2011.  Every one of these students have become engineers, two of whom are female.





Fifty years of math education

JUNE 4th                                                                           JUNE 11th

Arithmetic & Algebra                                                       How Does High School Math Connect with STEM?

JUNE 18th                                                                        JUNE 25th

STEM Majors and Their Prerequisites                Math Preparation for Calculus Based Physics


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